• Cheffe at Pavilion, Moscow
  • Part of the 1st Michelin Guide Moscow
  • Former head chef of White Rabbit Family
  • Bocuse d’Or Bronze and silver medalist

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Uliana Suzdalkina used to be the head chef of White Rabbit Family, 13th place in « World’s 50 best restaurants ». Specialized in European, Peruvian, healthy, vegan, vegetarian, sugarless and sugarfree styles of cuisine. Bronze and silver medalist for one of the world’s most prestigious cooking competitions Bocuse D’or – bronze in 2015 and silver in 2017. Author of cooking book on healthy breakfast with ginseng, written for the Bing Han company. In 2018, Uliana Suzdalkina got into Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is headquartered in New York City and offers a health coach training programs and holistic nutrition education.

Restaurant Pavilion is a leafy place to dine in the heart of Moscow. Welcome to Pavilion, a manor house with a delightful terrace overlooking the Patriarch’s Pond, a popular spot among Muscovites for a stroll, and the setting for Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novel The Master and Margarita. Here you can enjoy creative Russian cuisine, made from lovely ingredients, such as duck dumplings or the inventive Jerusalem artichoke ice cream. Romantic and timeless.

My professional ambition as a chef is to develop my own style. And that means listening to my own body. I can have some fish if I feel like it. I never eat land animal meat, though. I just don’t enjoy it, and there are many other aspects to it. But I do try meat and don’t spit it out as some vegan chefs do. I believe that those who need to eat meat should do that sometimes. I don’t, so I don’t eat it. I think that we, as humans, need more green food. I’ve had 16 years of experience in this. It’ll be 17 soon. I don’t know what to call this style: it’s lactose free but with omega 3, lots of fiber, vegetables, cereals and complex carbohydrates. In daily life, I even removed all milk from my house. My kids drink oat milk.

My mission as a chef is to do people good. I do service work, I’m a craftsperson. I’m not a rock star. I serve the people who come to me and trust their time and stomachs, so that they can leave healthier than they’d arrived. I’m not a physician, although I aspire to that, too. However, I still have a lot of knowledge to gain in order to have the right to talk about it. At the Moscow Gastronomic Festival, I created a set dedicated to health. I composed vitamins and minerals in such a way that they didn’t antagonize one another and ensured high absorption of vital nutrients.



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