Vicky CHENG * – #5 Asia’s 50 Best

Chef Vicky Cheng embraces his Asian roots and heritage with modern technics


  • 1 star Michelin chef in HK at VEA
  • N°5 at Asia’s 50 Best 2024 with Wing and #20 at World’s 50 Best
  • Modern chinese fusion cuisine at Wing restaurant

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Born in Hong Kong and raised under Western influences

Chef Vicky Cheng started off as a young chef classically trained under some of the most highly revered and respected French chefs, including Daniel Boulud of the Michelin-Starred Restaurant Daniel in New York, to acquire knowledge and principles that laid foundation for the culinary excellence he excels at VEA restaurant and Lounge today.

Cheng embraces his Asian roots and heritage. In an inventive approach, he combines French gastronomic techniques of great precision and finesse, with emphasis on the use of fresh, authentic and seasonal products from in and around Hong Kong. At VEA Restaurant, the meticulously crafted tasting menu centers around a unique culinary philosophy – when ingredients exude a nostalgic appeal to local Hong Kong diners, flavors and presentations gives opportunity to share this souvenirs with the world.

After years working and refining his culinary techniques at various kitchens overseas, Cheng finally came back to settle in his birthplace in Hong Kong in 2011. His background has paved way to his cooking style – Chinese x French Cuisine is what you will find at VEA Restaurant and Lounge.


Chef’s vision

“Food is a universal language. Through the language of “Chinese x French” here at VEA, I want to share with you, not only cooking techniques I’ve learned, but also a reflection of the culture I grew up in, as this is a heritage that I am most proud of. From the beginning of your menu, until the very last bite, we will present you a series of courses that will all have a connection to Hong Kong. This could mean an indigenous Chinese ingredient that has yet to meet western cooking techniques, locally sourced produce, or simply a distinct childhood memory. The Chinese character in my name, “Wing” – meaning “always” drives me to follow my dreams and purpose. “


VEA : The origin Chinese x French Cuisine

Inspired by his childhood, his parents, and the vibrant culture of Hong Kong, Vicky pours his heart into the bi-weekly changing degustation menu at VEA. The menu’s strong focus on freshness of produce means that whilst the core of the menu remains the same, individual dishes are amended or changed altogether to accommodate the dynamic seasons. Most renowned for his use of rare Chinese 

ingredients such as preserved apricot, local sugarcane, sea cucumber and flower crabs, Vicky aims to create a balanced harmony between his Chinese roots, French culinary training, and indeed, breathtaking plating aesthetics with attention to the smallest details. 

1-Michelin Starred VEA Restaurant & Lounge is Hong Kong’s first restaurant and lounge concept celebrating real marriage between food & beverages, led by the finest in Hong Kong’s culinary circle, including Executive Chef Vicky Cheng and Mixologist Antonio Lai. 

In the dining room on the 30/F, your senses, vision and your palate will be stimulated and pleasured by the young, modern French cuisine created by Chef Vicky Cheng, in an open kitchen equipped with the latest state of the art kitchen equipment. Cocktail and Wine pairings designed for each tasting menu will escalate your dining experience to a new level. 

At the Asia’s Fifty Best 2024, VEA has been ranked 68th, and 5th for Wing where Chef Vicky Cheng is focusing more on Chinese cuisine.



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