Victor Mercier * – Top Chef 2018

Victor Mercier: the new generation of the Parisian food scene


  • Parisian Star chef of FIEF
  • Committed chef around Made In France
  • Finalist at top chef 2018

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Now at the helm of his committed and gastronomic FIEF (Fait Ici en France – i.e Made in France), Victor Mercier has had a journey rich in travels, emotions and experiences before this achievement.

Determined as a teenager to make cooking his profession, he saw a click at his first star-studded dinner, to celebrate his patent. Victor Mercier is not yet major when he begins to learn the classics of gastronomy and imagine his own recipes. With a bachelor’s degree in his pocket, he did not waste a minute and joined the Ferrandi school, as well as the star -L’Escarbille  for his training.

His CAP landed, he embarked on his first trip to Denmark, fascinated by this country and its gastronomy in full swing. Back in France, victor Mercier joined the star “the 9th art”. Not recognising himself in the “starification of technology”, he already thinks the foundations of what his cuisine is today: committed, placing taste at the center of the plate.

This was followed by a stint at Astrance (3 stars) and a long trip to Australia. Back in France, Victor Mercier trained with various chefs, took a liking to culinary competitions and finally joined the “Sergent Recruteur”. The turning point in his life as a chef is here! He discovers a committed restaurant working with permaculture products and understands that the future of catering lies in a responsible, committed kitchen.

A commitment and convictions that Victor Mercier will defend body and soul during the 2018 edition of Top Chef France, convincing even recruiters with this shocking argument: “You’ve never had an engaged candidate”.



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