Walter ISHIZUKA – AA**

Walter Ishizuka: French-Japanese Fusion Chef in the trendiest spot of Paris

  • Executive Chef of Hoxton Paris
  • French-Japanese chef
  • Modern twist & fusion cuisine

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First of all, Chef Walter Ishizuka ’s father travelled from Japan to Lyon in the 1960’s, to learn the art of French cooking. Indeed, his father remains to this day one of his biggest inspirations.
Then he had the opportunity to work at some of France’s most famous restaurants. As a result, they was a role model for the young Chef Walter Ishizuka with his approach to cooking.

Since then, Modesty and rigour have been qualities of his that Walter has brought into his own style of cooking.

First, Chef Walter Ishizuka trained in his hometown Lyon/France, renowned for its gastronomic heritage. To start, he worked for four years at Lyon’s infamous 3 Michelin starred restaurant owned by Paul Bocuse, who he considers the Pope of the French cuisine. Next,  three and a half years at the Hotel Ritz’ 2 Michelin starred restaurant L’Espadon in Paris. During his time at the Ritz Chef Walter Ishizuka worked closely with Executive Chef Michel Roth, travelled around the world to represent the French cuisine. There, he was also a part of the team that earned the restaurant’s second Michelin star.

His menus blend classic French fare with a delicate approach to flavour and texture derived from his Japanese heritage

Indeed, Walter Ishizuka’s dishes feature bold, simple flavours cooked using only the very finest ingredients.

 Since 2011, he has been at the helm of Brasserie Joel, co-founder of the Brasserie Joel concept. On top, he is imbibing each dish and new menu with his enthusiasm for fresh, seasonal ingredients. Most of all, he is  praising the wealth of quality British produce that he often goes to select himself. Especially at London’s many famous foodie markets such as Billingsgate, or Borough Market. Whilst he remains true to the culinary legacy of great French cuisine, he brings a modern and innovative approach to the classic French cuisine.

Since 2019, chef Walter is back in Paris, managing the kitchen of Hoxton Paris.



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