Zor TAN *

Chef Zor TAN : the promising chef of Singapore



  • 1* restaurant Born in Singapore
  • #36 at Asia’s 50 Best 2023
  • French, Chinese and Taiwanese influences.

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The Malaysian-born Chinese chef lives in Singapore. He used to work in Macau and has amassed a palate that is a mix of his Hokkien ancestry with Cantonese, Sichuan, and Taiwanese influences. To Zor Tan, food meant love. It began with the warm meals cooked at home by his parents and the saying ‘吃饱就是幸福’ – ‘Contentment comes from having a full belly”. Growing up in the town of Perak in Malaysia, Zor learned that food could bring far more than just calories for the body.

Yet Zor Tan’s life almost took a different turn when, upon arriving in Singapore at age 17,  he began work as a semi-conductor operator at an electronics factory. But soon enough, Zor Tan found himself at a Japanese chain restaurant – the birth of his culinary journey. He also met his future wife and began formal culinary studies, enrolling at SHATEC.

Upon graduation Zor Tan found work at Restaurant Jaan,  then helmed by his mentor (启蒙) chef, Andre Chiang. When Chef Andre launched his eponymous restaurant, Restaurant Andre, Zor became one of 5 staff from Jaan who joined the pioneer launch team.  From a starting position of Commis 3, Zor rose steadily through the ranks.

At Restaurant Andre, Zor Tan’s talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. Andre submitted Zor’s resume as a candidate for the highly-coveted position in the ICEX Culinary Training Programme in Spain. He was selected as the first Singapore representative for this ten-month experience, which came with a 6-month stage at the iconic 3-Michelin star restaurants, Restaurant DiverXo, and El Cellar de Can Roca.

Another milestone presented itself in Zor Tan’s fourth year at Restaurant Andre. In addition to his duties as Chef de partie at Restaurant Andre, he was asked by Andre to be co-Executive chef of Restaurant Raw in Taipei. He would become the ‘brain’ of Raw, working alongside Andre and the team to conceptualise the restaurant’s menu and dishes. Despite the hectic travels it called for, Zor felt honoured as a foreigner to be given this role by Andre, himself a Taiwanese.

By June 2017, Zor had been appointed Executive Chef of Restaurant Andre, which had received multiple accolades including Michelin stars and rankings on Asia’s and World’s 50 Best Restaurants. When Andre closed Restaurant Andre in February 2018, he again made Zor an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Zor Tan was appointed Executive Chef of Andre’s latest project, Sichuan Moon, a Modern fine-dining Sichuan restaurant based in Wynn Palace, Macau. Sichuan Moon allowed Zor to consolidate his knowledge of Sichuan cooking, with visits to the provincial capital Chengdu for culinary immersion. He explored ways to bring  his solid French technique to bear on the menu, creating innovative modern Sichuan flavours. The restaurant received wide acclaim, garnering 2 Michelin stars in its first year, followed by a debut on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list in 2020, at #23.

As a chef Zor Tan has always charted his own course. Building on and elevating his unique brand of contemporary cuisine, he presents it on the world stage alongside more well-known cuisines, bringing communities – East and West — together. He challenges himself every day, knowing a better professional and leader lies within him.

Finally, as a mentor, Zor Tan brings the virtues of  responsibility and inheritance (传承) to the role.  He offers his mentees opportunities to learn and grow, presenting their work to guests and spurring their ideals and hoping one day that they can carry the torch. In 2022 chef Zor Tan as the co-woner, opened his restaurant called Born, in Singapore. He received his first star at the Michelin Guide Release Singapore 2023.


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