Deepanker KHOSLA *

Chef Deepanker Khosla: sustainability around Indian roots with Thai produce


  • Haoma, modern Indo-European cuisine
  • 1* chef and 1 Green star
  • #90 at Asia’s 50 Best 2024

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Chef-proprietor Deepanker “DK” Khosla is as passionate about reimagining modern Indo-European cuisine as he is about achieving food sustainability. With a home in Thailand and roots in northern India, Chef Deepanker Khosla has a natural penchant for connecting flavours and communities near and far. At Haoma, the restaurant showcases a bounty of traditional Indian culinary styles, while a big part of the magic derives from its very own fertile farm in the heart of Bangkok. In 2023 , Michelin Guide awarded Haōma with 1 Michelin Star and Also the coveted Green star , making chef Deepanker Khosla the youngest Indian to ever receive a Michelin star and the only Indian Restaurant in the world to have received at Green Star.

Haoma began as a passion project that bloomed into a full-blown urban farm and restaurant in the bustling Thai capital. After a year of toiling in the earth, coaxing fish to adapt and grow in new waters,  and experimenting through trials and errors to optimise the flavours of harvest, DK unveiled restaurant Haoma in 2017, a breakthrough concept that works towards creating an ecosystem of food that can truly be called sustainable. During the pandemic Deepanker Khosla started Thailand largest Soup kitchen serving over 300,000 meals to the homeless and those who lost their lively hoods and created over 1000 job opportunities for migrant workers. His efforts we covered by the New york times , CNN and BBC london along with a special acknowledgement by the Worlds50best Restaurants awarding him the inaugural Champions of Change . In 2024 , Worlds50best Restaurants also awarded Haoma as Asia’s Most sustainable restaurant along side ranking No # 90 on the Asian list.

“We’re in the business of growing world-class, sustainable cuisine cooking Neo-Indian food,” says Deepanker Khosla, whose thoughtful attention to environmentalism is evident in every morsel served and every inch of the elegant ambiance of Haoma. “Balance with nature is just as important as pleasing our diners.”



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