Egdar NUÑEZ – 12th Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Chef Egdar Nuñez : the Super-talented chef of Mexico



  • 12th Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021
  • 56th World America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2021
  • Mexican Vegetable cuisine in a casual setting

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Super-talented young chef serves simple but delicious food in a casual setting

From an early age, chef Edgar Nuñez developed a taste for vegetables by inheritance from his mother, since then, that culinary inclination has become a guiding principle of his gastronomic proposal, which he calls Mexican vegetable cuisine. At the same time, Egdar Nuñez is a chef who seeks to explore the infinite possibilities offered by a good product, from the one he gets in the garden of his restaurant and the Xochimilco chinampas to the fish and shellfish from other Mexican regions.

The visitor can explore his visions around the kitchen in the restaurants of which Egdar Nuñez is co-owner chef. SUD 777 is his vision of fine dining, which has placed him in the 11th position of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list. He is also the chef co-owner of Comedor Jacinta, a Mexican dining room with a casual proposal that is much more informal with dishes from his childhood and his interpretation of how he sees Mexican cuisine today.

The chef Egdar Nuñez is a member of ACADEMIE CULINAIRE DE FRANCE and the Colectivo Mexicano de Cocina AC.

More than an chef, a vision

Egdar Nuñez is passionate about local produce and discovering the origins of his ingredients, which led him to create Lo Dirás de Chía, a fruit and veg shop in Condesa neighbourhood. He also has Kokeshi by Sud777, an offshoot serving Asian cuisine within the main restaurant, and Jacinta, a more informal Mexican restaurant in the capital.

Edgar Nuñez founded the Mexican Food Trucks Association and his Barra Vieja and Burger Lab projects are two of the most successful in Mexico City.

Restaurant Sud 777

Located in the heart of Pedregal, Sud 777 is a restaurant that honors the tradition of an area designed by prominent urban planners and architects. Since its opening in 2008, it has been part of the culinary offerings of southern Mexico City for the culinary proposal of chef Edgar Nuñez who has positioned himself worldwide for his prodigious technique and his Mexican vegetable cuisine.

Today, the restaurant offers a tasting menu that changes according to the best ingredients offered by the season – a large part comes from the restaurant’s gardens. Visitors can also enjoy an experience in the terrace lounge to try the cocktail or a glass of wine and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The menu by Egdar Nuñez is divided into sections such as ‘liquid and green’ with cold garden soup and raspberry salad; and among the main courses are Korobuta pork ribs and cod with ashes sauce, artichokes and zucchini.

The diner can explore the chef’s fine dining vision, which has put him in the 56th position of The World’s 50 Best count 2021 and in the 12th place of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list 2021.



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