Fatih TUTAK **

Fatih Tutak: bringing his creative cuisine back from Asia to Turkey


  • 2* at Turk restaurant Istanbul
  • Innovative Turkish cuisine
  • n°43 at Fifty Best Restaurant Award Asia in 2018

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Innovative Turkish cuisine crafted by a globetrotter chef

Chef Fatih Tutak was born and raised in Istanbul where at a young age his culinary interest was inspired by his mother’s home cooking. This interest became a passion and developed into the dream of becoming a chef.

After his apprenticeship with Paul Pairet in Istanbul and working in some of the top establishments in Istanbul’s luxury hotel and restaurants, Chef Fatih Tutak had the opportunity to move abroad, with stop-overs in Qingdao, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Some of his experiences included the world-renowned restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen with Rene Redzepi and 3 Michelin star Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo with Seiji Yamamoto. He has also previously been in charge at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Combining the finest ingredients from all over the world, each of Chef Fatih’s dishes is inspired by his globetrotting experiences. By playing with texture and temperature, Chef Fatih craftily curates Innovative Turkish cuisine with a perfect balance of culinary sensibility and a sense of humor.

For 2 consecutive years from 2017-2018, Chef Fatih has led his talented team, at The Dining Room of The House on Sathorn, into being listed in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

The Dining Room at The House on Sathorn

What is now The House on Sathorn dates back almost 130 years to when it was built by a Thai aristocrat as a home for his family. Over the years, the mansion has had various functions, most notably as the centre of the Soviet Union’s Asian operations during the Cold War, the Korean War and the Indochina Wars.

In one of Bangkok’s most ambitious restoration projects, The House on Sathorn has been returned to its original pastel colours and dark wooden flooring and the interiors decorated with leather sofas and chairs, silk cushions, low granite-top tables and richly coloured carpets. A boar’s head and a flying pig are carved into wooden panels and moulded into ornate stucco and cornices, symbolising the original owner’s Chinese Zodiac sign.

Chef Fatih Tutak’s “fun dining” concept is as storied as the building itself, with each dish taking inspiration from the chef’s travels around Asia. Expect creative dishes made with high-quality imported produce such as Japanese maguro or miyazaki beef and Italian truffle.

He went back to Turkey and got directly 2* in the first Michelin guide release in Istanbul, becoming the first ever 2* of the country in 2022.



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