Lanshu CHEN – Asia’s Best Female Chef

Chef Lanshu Chen : delicate cross-cultural fusion flavours and textures

  • Asia’s Best Female Chef 2014
  • Nr. 43 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018
  • Chef of Le Mout in Taiwan until 2018

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Chef Lanshu Chen is considered an inspiration to other female chefs, pushing boundaries and showing how passion, courage and dedication can create flawless culinary practices.

Chef Lanshu Chen’s profile

Born in a big family from Yilan, a small town in the northern Taiwan, Lanshu Chen learned to cook from her grand mother and mother since very little. After 4 years in Foreign Literatures in the National Taiwan University, Lanshu Chen decided to follow her craftsmanship passion in food and went to her dream city, Paris. It took her 4 years there to explore the world of gastronomy. After obtaining CAP certificate of cuisine, Lanshu Chen continued the training in several grand restaurants as Les Ambassadeurs with Chef Jean-François Piège and Pastry Chef Jérôme Chaucesse, Relais d’Auteuil with Chef Patrick Pignol, the pastry atelier of legendary Pâtissier Pierre Hermé, and the temple The French Laundry in Napa Valley as her last stop before going back to Taiwan.

Le Moût

In 2008, Lanshu Chen opened the restaurant Le Moût in Taichung, Taiwan and started her Chef career. Here, Lanshu Chen created her own “Haute Cuisine,” featuring the ultimate balance with her Taiwanese roots and French culinary art. The balance with layers of finesse versus the pitches of flavors unveils the essence of her philosophy, as well as the most poetic part of her creation. During the ten years, her persistence to fine dining and the unique style of cuisine have achieved numerous recognitions and make Le Moût listed as one of the best restaurants in Asia, and also a legendary sanctuary of haute gastronomy in Taiwan.

International Recognition

Nr. 43 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018
Nr. 28 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017
No.80 of The Best Chef Awards 2017
Best Restaurant in Taiwan 2016
“Woman of the Year Trophy” 2016 by Relais & Châteaux
Asia’s Best Female Chef 2014
“Grand Chef of Relais & Château” 2012 



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