Renzo GARIBALDI – n°17 Latin America 50 BEST

Renzo Garibaldi: the butcher chef of Peru

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First of all, in 2013 Osso Carnicería and Salumería opened its doors. Indeed, the idea was about realizing the goal of educating and spreading our sustainable butchery philosophy. Most of all, Osso uses the entire animal in a variety of products making sure that there is no wasted part or piece.

Later, in 2010 without a final destination, our story begins when Andrea (my wife) and I travel to San Francisco. There, I discovered the world of sustainable butchery. It was love at first sight, actually at first cut. Andrea signed me up for a butcher class with Ryan Farr from 4505 meats and since then I discovered my true calling. Since then, from 2010 to 2013 OSSO started to take shape.  Indeed, I studied, worked and took classes in San Francisco with Taylor Boetticher from Fatted Calf.

Then, I traveled to a farm in Baradieu France to work and learn more. From there I went to work with Josh and Jessica Applestone in Fleisher`s which was the most important butcher shop at the time. Eventually, I worked my way back to Lima, with a clear path in mind, which was to offer sustainable, hand made products that have traceability made with love and respect for animals.

A butcher’s shop and restaurant all rolled into one, Osso is the place to go in Lima for all the best cuts, from perfectly cooked ribeye to flavoured sausages (cheddar, rocoto pepper marmalade and limo chilli). Almost everything is grilled over the barbecue.

Moreover, Osso is all about casual, noisy and rustic – this is a joint to get your hands dirty and your (meat) juices flowing.

Furthermore, in 2015 we where ranked number 34 and in 2016 we where ranked number 27 in 50 best restaurants in the Latin America list. Indeed, this year we opened another OSSO restaurant and butcher shop in San Isidro. Also, a new concept restaurant called Don-Doh Robatta Grill. In the near future, they would like to expand our brand philosophy internationally and open the doors to our world OSSO Carniceria & Salumeria. In 2017, the latest ranking of the fifty Best award 2017 have seen OSSO moving to the n°12!


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